Welcoming babies and families into the world!


Your postpartum care will begin 24 hours after your birth, with a home visit to check on you and your baby.

At every postpartum visit we will assess your health, the baby’s health and ensure that breast feeding and bonding are going well. Creating a positive breast feeding relationship is one of our top priorities and we will work with you as much as necessary to help that happen. After your last postpartum visit we can schedule you to see our Nurse Practitioner to discuss birth control options, if needed.

The postpartum period is such a special time for your family and midwives, as we help you celebrate this new life you brought into the world.

Postpartum Schedule

  • 24 Hour Home Visit
  • 5 Day Visit
  • 2 Week Office Visit
  • 4 Week Office Visit
  • 6 Week Office Visit
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Postpartum Resources

  • Midwives available 24/7 for phone questions and concerns
  • Comprehensive postpartum appointment schedule
  • Lactation consultants
  • Wide range of sling styles for sale
  • Birth control prescriptions.