Welcoming babies and families into the world!

Labor & Birth

Our midwives are on-call and available 24 hours a day by cell phone. During early labor a midwife will be in contact with you by phone. Once active labor is established or when you feel the need for more support, simply come into the birth center. A second midwife is called when labor is advanced.

Birth-ak-heritage-birth-center208H For your comfort Heritage birth rooms are equipped with:
Large soaking tub
Birth stool
TENS unit
Full size bed
Body pillow
Rocking chair
iPod dock
Birth ball

We encourage you to bring any comfort measures that will help your birth experience. Clients regularly bring their own pillows, a favorite blanket, music, candles, comfy clothes for before and after birth, aromatherapy, massage tools, and refreshments. Doulas are one of the best comfort measures you can bring – your doula is always welcome at prenatal visits and birth.

Clinical aspects of care during labor and birth include:
Monitoring labor progress Maternal vital signs
Fetal heart rate and position Delivering the baby and placenta
Suturing perineal tears Conducting a physical assessment of the newborn
Administering eye ointment and Vitamin K to the newborn Assessing the mother’s condition

Midwives provide skilled clinical, physical and emotional support during labor and birth. The most important emotional support is that provided by your partner, family and/or friends. You are welcome to have whomever you wish present at your birth. It is very important during prenatal appointments that your midwives meet the person (or persons) whom you plan to have with you during your labor and birth. In the first few hours following the birth we arrange to keep you and your baby together in a quiet and respectful environment with the people of your choice supporting you. We will help you to breastfeed within the first hour after birth. We will continue to provide clinical monitoring, support, information and guidance throughout the first six weeks.

What if there is an emergency?

True emergencies are very rare. However, Heritage has emergency equipment and our midwives are trained to handle complications. All midwives are trained in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR. The birth centers have anti-hemorrhagic medications, oxygen and other resuscitation equipment on hand. These are the same drugs that would be used in the hospital. In the event of a transport to the hospital, your midwives will accompany you as your advocate and labor support. All of the birth centers are located within a couple minutes of a hospital. Our midwives have an excellent relationship with obstetricians at both locations.