Welcoming babies and families into the world!

Why Heritage

  • Traditional midwifery care
  • Home and Birth Center birth options
  • Water Birth
  • We honor your choices
  • Children always welcome
  • We accept your insurance and payment plans

Truly we love what we do. We are traditional midwives who honor a woman’s ability to birth naturally and without intervention.

We believe that if we put in the time prenatally you will be confident in yourself and your care providers when it comes time to birth. When it comes to regular labs and ultrasounds fully informed consent is a cornerstone of our care. We work to balance technology with the inherent normalcy of pregnancy and birth. Who better knows how to birth your baby than you?

This is the most important day of your baby’s life- we will treat it this way!

Where you’re most comfortable giving birth is where we’ll be – birth center or your home. In both situations we carry the necessary emergency equipment.

We enjoy the process and will allow it to unfold in the most optimal way possible. This means there are no arbitrary times that you are allowed to come in to the birth center (or when we come to you for a home birth). We are available 24/7 for consultation and questions during your pregnancy. Your calls will be answered by a midwife- whether in the middle of dinner or the middle of the night, we’re available.

Heritage offers a wide range of supplements, baby slings, and cloth diapers – no more running all over town.

We enjoy having siblings be a part of the prenatal visits and have a special area set up just for them. Don't worry about finding a babysitter, Heritage is a family space. Explore your options when it comes to welcoming your baby into the world – it’s the most important day of their life.