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Our Testimonials

Kind words from wonderful clients
  • Dianna Schollmeier

    “I couldn't have asked for better support, kindness, and serenity from the midwives.  My husband and I heard about the Heritage through friends who birth their baby there.  We were not disappointed in the least, in fact our experience surpassed our expectations.  Not knowing what to expect for my first time birthing a child, I had no idea how intense it could be, but my midwives stood by my side the whole time meeting me at every turn. After the birth, my husband's comment was, 'If and when we are ready to do this again, he hopes that I would be willing to go through the Heritage Birth Center again.'”

  • Rachel Garner

    “Kirsten and Lena provided me with kind, loving, and professional care throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. They helped me in learning to trust my body during the birth process and somehow always knew what to say or do to help me realize my strength and power to birth my baby. It was truly an amazing experience and I couldn't have asked for better midwives.”

  • Micah and Kelly Shilanski

    “Kirsten has a wonderful philosophy about birth as a natural process, but is also extremely capable of recognizing potential complications and knowing how to handle them. We have tremendous confidence in Kirsten’s abilities as a midwife. Above all, we believe Kirsten wants to help babies and their families have the safest and healthiest births possible. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Kirsten Gerrish, CDM.”

  • Mike Vander Lugt

    “Other than the hands of God, I was the first person to touch my baby.”

  • Mandi Summerford

    “This is my 4th pregnancy with Kirsten. I have always received the love and support that I've needed from her. She really believes that a woman's body knows what it's supposed to do. I wouldn't want any other midwife to support me through pregnancy and delivery.”

  • Will & Jessica Kiehner

    “Having survived years of infertility, my husband and I were blessed to welcome our daughter, Norah, through IVF and lots of support. The experience gave us a special appreciation for midwives and the normalcy that pregnancy and birth is given with their care. We birthed our baby at home with the amazing support of these wonderful women. When I caught our sweet girl in the water with my own hands it was the most transformative moment of my life.”

  • Tonya Crawford

    “I wanted to write and say thank you for the care I received last year. I only had two visits at your birth center before moving to Arizona; in that short time I was very impressed with the warmth and care of your office. The rest of the pregnancy went wonderfully. I continued to measure large and received an ultrasound at 31 weeks. We were very surprised to be expecting twins. Richard and Tylee were born on October 9th, 2011. They have been such a blessing. We hope to be moving back to Alaska after my husband's schooling is finished, perhaps one of our next babies will be born in a barn. Thank you again.”